As the Treasurer for the Board of Directors at the Global Ascension Center, my primary role is to manage and oversee the financial affairs of the organization. This includes preparing and presenting financial reports to the Board, developing and implementing financial policies and procedures, and ensuring that the organization is in compliance with all financial regulations and requirements.

I work closely with the other members of the Board to develop and implement strategies for fundraising and revenue generation, and to create and manage budgets for the organization. I also work with our financial advisors and accountants to ensure that the organization's financial records are accurate and up to date, and that we have a clear understanding of our financial position at all times.

In addition to these responsibilities, I also play an important role in decision-making processes related to the financial direction of the organization. This includes providing advice and guidance to the Board on financial matters and helping to ensure that the organization is able to sustain itself financially over the long term.

Overall, my role as Treasurer is crucial to the success of the Global Ascension Center, as I help to ensure that we have the resources and financial stability needed to achieve our mission and goals.