A song from GAIA. To download your MP3 copy and raise funds for the Global Ascension Center go to: http://youarethatangel.com

Lyrics by Jeff Mullins and Inelia Benz

Vocals by Inelia Benz

Composer Uno Kõrsmaa

Music Video by SuperString Co-Creations

This music video is specifically designed to do two things:

Raise the vibrational level of the planet.
Raise funds for the Global Ascension Center Land Project.

The video will go viral and inspire millions of people all over the world. The video's sound and visual content will elevate the vibrational levels of those who watch it. And inspire others to create a "better version", or a version in their own language, which will in turn elevate the vibration of even more people and bring funds and awareness to the Land Project.

Although the video is available for free on youtube, the mp3 download is a $1.29 donation, which (after paypal fees and taxes) will go toward the co-creation of the Global Ascension Center.

So by buying or gifting the MP3 download, you are actually contributing to an amazing project that will make a huge difference for the planet. Check out www.globalascensioncenter.org
What is the Global Ascension Center?

It is a project to acquire land where a Person, Source, and Earth are one. Where is no distinction between what is mundane and what is Sacred. Where there is no separation between the person and his or her environment.

All of us have heard of Sacred Land. Sacred Land is something that we often relate to Native People's from around the world who consider all of Gaia a Living, Conscious Sacred Land, but we, in the West, have lost our capacity to see the Earth this way.

This has caused wide a culture of "taming and exploiting" the Earth. The results are now seen not only in stressful city living, but globally with widespread pollution, and social problems.

Before Sacred Land was recognized by Westerners as locations not to build on, or destroy, most of it was indeed built on and destroyed.

Yet, we now know that there is something very special about those locations. Millions of dollars are spent every year round the planet by individuals traveling long distances to reach Sacred Land. A location where they can have a larger than life experience, a reconnection with divinity, with source, or even with Gaia.

Yet that connection can be achieved by any of us, anywhere we are. Not only that, but it can be created in conjunction with the beings who inhabit the land. The trees, the animals, the bugs... all have a conscious awareness of their place on the planet. The planet itself is recognized by most cultures to have its own identity and consciousness. Gaia, Pachamama, Madre Tierra.

"We are creating a physical location where our physical bodies, Gaia and her body, the Earth, and Divine Source Consciousness meet, merge, and become ONE. A location where we, as a species, can have the experience of that higher vibrational physical existence right away. Where we, as individuals, can have that experience today. Where we, as a species, start becoming custodians of our planet at this physical level and other dimensions."

Inelia Benz, Global Ascension Center Initiator

Can you do better? In your own language? We invite you to submit your own version of the song at Globalascensioncenter.org. The lyrics have to stay intact, but the music style, interpretation and signing can be anything you want. Spanish Flamenco, Hip Hop, Rock, you name it!
For the Lyrics, go to: http://youarethatangel.com/lyrics.html

We will load the best versions onto our YouTube channel, Global copyright for all versions of this song and all sections of the lyrics is held by the Global Ascension Center. Your MP3 download will need to be made available for purchase to raise funds for the Global Ascension Center project at the Global Ascension Center website only. You may not sell your version of the song for personal profit, or to raise funds for other organizations or people.

Your video version will be freely available and needs to point to the www.youarethatangel.com website. the version hosted at our channel will be shared with more than 40,000 people through Inelia's newsletter and FB pages, many of of these individuals have large social networks themselves, so you will get a high level of exposure.


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